Wednesday, June 12

Vacation Rental

As in most cases, your vacation rental website will be the place where potential guests start to get to know your property and your brand. It will be where they will see an extensive collection of photographs showing the best of your accommodation, where they will know the services you will provide (or not). And finally, it will be where they will make the final decision as to whether or not to stay at your property.

There are many good tips for turning your website visits into bookings, but which one should you start with? optimizing the content of your vacation rental website so that potential guests read what they want to read!

We’ve created this breakdown of content that you’ll need to have covered if you want to blow away your potential guests and secure reservations.

A spectacular property description

The main objective of the description of your property is to persuade your potential visitors and make them want to book your accommodation. As every property is different, every description should be different too.

Web content experts for vacation rentals Guest Hook say that “there is no one answer for everyone as to how to get the best description”. We don’t have a single, secret ingredient to write a description that has the makings of a winner, but you can always use your own strengths to convey the best version of your accommodation.

Your description will help you build trust and allow your potential guests to imagine their vacation at your property, so don’t be afraid to let your personality as an owner show in your writing! Add a little bit of your sense of humor or personal anecdotes to make readers feel at home even before they book.

A genuine story for the “About Us”.

Along with your description you should provide a story for the “About Us” section that will make guests empathize with you and understand what your business is all about from the very beginning. This can also convince those travelers who have not yet decided which property to book. Taking the time to introduce yourself to your readers shows how much you care about your business and your guests.

In addition to your biography, be sure to talk about all the initiatives your business has been involved with in your area, such as sustainable tourism.

Local Guide to Unknown Jewelry

It’s clear; any traveler can Google “what to do in [city]” and create a plan for their stay. In fact, they may have chosen their destination based on something they have read or heard about the place. However, they certainly won’t have access to recommendations that only someone in the area knows about; and that’s where you come in.

Prepare a guide with the hidden treasures of your area, the places that are not very touristy and restaurants and other independent establishments visited only by local people; you will earn a lot of points. As an extra, it will also position you as an expert in your area and guests will feel safe following your recommendations.

Precise indications

Whether your property is located in a popular destination or has easy access to airports and train stations, provide your guests with detailed directions for any transportation options. Knowing information such as “how long does it take to get to the property” in advance, guests will be more likely to book.

Where to buy” directory

Another way to create hype with your vacation rental (even before anyone makes a reservation) is to create a small directory of where to buy local products and make it available to your guests at your property.

This can range from independent antique shops to artisan soaps and regional delicacies. Take a look at the example of AC Thomas House. A good vacation rental leaves guests wanting to buy their own version of everything they have seen, tasted and smelled.

Special offers in other businesses in the area

Partnering with local businesses is a very important marketing strategy for any vacation rental. This tactic not only increases profits and creates a greater sense of community, but greatly enhances the experience offered to guests.

So, display on your website the special offers for guests booking at your property. This will help them plan their trip and make the most of the opportunities that choosing you will provide. Maybe it’s a discount on a breakfast or dinner menu, special passes to local points of interest, or even private guides who can show them around the neighborhood.

Honest Opinions

Studies indicate that three-quarters of all travelers review opinions of alternative hotels and accommodations before making a reservation. As a result, it is crucial that you have a collection of opinions from actual guests on your website, so that potential guests can learn about the experiences of others.

This aspect of your website will need to be maintained and updated regularly. If a guest reads a review from three years ago, they may not want to make a reservation at your accommodation. While we always hope that an opinion is positive, you may receive one that is negative, and it won’t be the end of the world either! You just need to know how to respond to it professionally and calmly.

Creative Content

No matter what area you rent for your vacation, it is very unlikely that you will not have competitors. Therefore, in order to stand out from other properties nearby, you will have to offer creative content on your website.

This may take the form of a fun image for contact information, as in the case of Ersfjord Mountain Cottage, or cards with funny facts on your website. No matter what style your website has, there are many ways to present your content in an original way!

Focus on guests traveling with their families

Families prefer vacation rentals because “they offer more space for less money and amenities such as a kitchen and common areas that every family needs when traveling away from home. As a result, targeting the content of your website to this audience can help you attract more families and increase your bookings.

Showing that your accommodation is perfect for families will give you the opportunity to highlight the various options and activities for children available both on your property and in the area. This avoids possible inconveniences for mothers and fathers, who will be able to have an idea of what the vacations with their children will bring.