Monday, July 15

How to travel cheap

You like to travel a lot – love and count money, if you are not an oligarch of course! Having visited more than 50 countries, we made a list of how to travel budget, and what to save on is not the best idea. And also we will tell you about proven sites and resources that help you not to spend money on travel.

1. Accommodation

It is clear that first of all, everyone needs somewhere to stay for the night. We always try to book accommodation through sites such as Airbnb. There are many offers for accommodation of absolutely different types: hostels, Gesthouses, rooms or apartments. Ideal, of course, is a separate accommodation with a kitchen, where you can also cook yourself.

Hostels are for amateurs, although sometimes they are a great option for solo travelers. They have separate rooms for families with shower and toilet. Otherwise, sleeping with 10 or more people in one bedroom is a matter of taste. Sometimes after such a night or a queue to the toilet and all the mood may be lost to local attractions.

2. Car rental

To travel cheap, it is better to take an inexpensive car right at the airport. As practice has shown, in most cities and countries, the only transfer, cab or public transport to the hotel, for example, for two people, will cost the daily cost of car rental. And having your own transport, you do not have to overpay for excursions, because you can get to everything by yourself!

3. Currency exchange

It is better to always take in advance some cash in the currency of the country you are going to. Exactly enough to at least get to the hotel and have something to eat. And then you can find a good exchange rate. Because it will certainly not be an airport. If you are flying somewhere, whose currency is not so easy to find in advance, it is better to use an ATM at the airport. As a rule, even with a bank commission, it is more profitable than physical currency exchange.

4. Food

Of course, when you come to a new place, you certainly want to try the local cuisine. But every day to eat exclusively in restaurants will hit the budget. So you can buy an ordinary container at any supermarket, cook at home and take it with you! If you travel by car, you won’t have to carry anything extra with you. Also in many grocery stores are sold already ready sealed dishes that are very convenient to take with you at least on the beach, in the mountains, at least to eat on a bench in the city park.

5. Parking

In large tourist cities, especially in the center, parking costs a fortune. Very often even more expensive than renting the car itself per day. Therefore, you can leave the car at a free parking lot in the mall or supermarket. The main thing is to check if there are time limits. It is also sometimes easier to leave the car somewhere for free near the subway, and go sightseeing on public transport.

6. Public Transportation

Check how much a one-time trip costs, and how much for example a card for 2-3 days. The more trips, the cheaper a one-time trip. If you want to stay in a city for a couple of days, it is better to buy a single ticket immediately.

7. Cafes and restaurants

To try local food, you do not need to do it in a tourist center, where the prices for everything is one and a half times higher. Find a restaurant with good reviews not next to popular attractions, and you can afford much more for less money.

8. Ask for recommendations from local

This is a very important lifejack, which we adhere to absolutely in every journey. Want to eat cheap, see something interesting or rent a moped cheap – ask the locals, they will almost immediately tell you where to go and where not.

9. Souvenirs and gifts

You always want to please your loved ones with a souvenir from the trip, but it is definitely not worth buying them in tourist centers or at the airport. We have noticed more than once that absolutely two identical things can cost twice cheaper or more expensive depending on where they are sold. As a small magnet of the Eiffel Tower near the tower is much more expensive than exactly the same in a quiet little street in Paris.

10. Use the useful sites for travelers

Another important point, how to travel cheap – Internet and useful applications! Nowadays for travelers there are a great number of sites that help to look for cheap or free accommodation (airbnb, booking, couchsurfing), travel companions (workaway, heretomeet), inexpensive restaurants or reviews of hotels and hostels (tripadvisor, etc.). There you can always find a lot of useful information that will help you save money and allow you to travel cheap or even free!