Wednesday, June 12

Take on a Trip

Packing suitcases is always a stress. Everyone loves to travel, but no one likes to pack, right? No matter where we go or how far we go, we always ask the same questions: what to take on a trip to the sea, on a business trip, in a train or a car? Even if you are going for a very short time: what to take with you on a trip for 1 day? For a week? Let’s pack a suitcase together!

Preparing for your trip

This is the most important stage, which, however, many people overlook or do not pay attention to. How many times did you pack your suitcase when you already had to run out of the house? Or at least grabbed at the last moment the charging or printing of tickets or some other important thing? Probably every person at least once, but did it.

So, the most trivial advice is to make a list. It’s better to spend time in advance, start a few days before traveling and sketch on a piece of paper what you need. Throwing everything in a suitcase in a hurry always comes out sideways – a lot of unnecessary things and lack of space. After all, not everything can be remembered at once! And if you change your mind, you can always cross out later.

The list of necessary things in any trip

The preparatory list of what to take with you on a trip, each has a different. It depends on the type of trip (sea, mountains, forest, city tour) and the duration. Take for 2 days things are not the same as for 3 weeks. However, there are the most necessary things to keep in mind.

Documents and money

This is the most necessary and important thing to take. Everything else, for that matter, you can buy. Never take your documents and money in your luggage! Keep them in a small bag with you and do not leave them unattended.

Short check-list:

  • Passport or foreign passport. Save also electronically on your phone.
  • Money in cash and bank cards. It is better to keep it in small bills and in different places.
  • Tickets in printed and electronic form
  • Hotel reservations in printed and electronic form.
  • Health insurance.
  • Driver’s license. Original and international certificate
  • Car documents and insurance if you are going on a road trip.

First aid kit

Wherever you go, if you have a first aid kit with you, you will be calm. And you should take care of your health in advance. Remember that in many countries, even the most common medicines that we are used to buy at the pharmacy, can be sold only on prescription. And in some countries, they may not exist at all. We once faced such a situation, so we made our list and stick to it while traveling.

So, the check-list what to take with you on a trip by car, bus or plane:

  • individual medicines
  • antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agents
  • diarrhoea and poisoning remedies
  • painkiller
  • antiseptic
  • plaster and bandage
  • nose spray and lollipops for the throat
  • allergy remedy


Here, everyone has their own preferences and hobbies: someone takes only a cell phone, and someone a professional camera, laptop, tripod, etc.. The main thing is to charge all the devices, clear the memory and take additional batteries and batteries.

We have made our own list of what to take with you on a trip, and it looks like this:

  • cell phone and charging
  • notebook, if you need to work
  • navigator (or your phone with maps)
  • camera or camera
  • socket adapters
  • headphones

Personal care products and cosmetics

If you are flying on an airplane and with hand luggage, remember to limit the tubes to 100 ml. But even if you have a suitcase, you should not take large bottles and packages, otherwise the list will be just endless. We travel a lot, and experience has shown that we used to take a lot of unnecessary things!

Now we stick to the following list:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • razor
  • comb
  • face and body cream
  • deodorant
  • wet wipes
  • Shampoo and shower gel in small probes
  • manicure accessories (cutters and file)
  • sunscreen
  • hygiene products (for girls)
  • decorative cosmetics and lip balm

What to take on the road from cosmetics

Samples and disposable bottles take up little space
All this is easy to fit in a small cosmetic bag. And such things as shampoo and shower gel can always be bought on site or you can find it in the hotel. So do not take too much!

Clothing and shoes

The list in clothes and shoes can be made endlessly! Someone travels for 6 months with one backpack, and someone goes to the sea for a week with 3 suitcases. What to take on a trip to the sea and what to take on a trip for 2 days, agree, not the same thing.

Check-list of things:

  • Shoes for the street and rubber slaps for the house so that you can use them somewhere else (beach, public shower, etc.).
  • Pants made of breathable materials. Transformers pants are a very comfortable thing (shorts and pants in one).
  • T-shirts and shirts that can be combined with different pants.
  • Underwear and socks
  • Warm jacket, hooded kangarooza, etc.
  • Swimsuit, if you go to the sea
  • Headgear and sunglasses

What to take with you on a trip by car or bus?

In addition to the above documents, money, clothes and personal care products, do not forget the documents for the car and green card.

And also take it:

  • Food – snacks, snacks, and water! If you are going on a road trip, then prepare to sit in the car or bus for many hours.
  • Repair tools (jack, spare wheel, cable, wrench set, pump)
  • Flashlight and knife.
  • Petrol canister (if you go to a place far away from civilization)
  • Inverter. Very handy thing for charging gadgets.
  • Reflective vest
  • Radio. A handy gadget if you travel company in places where the phone does not catch
  • Maps or navigator. You can take the holder and use the phone
  • Music – not all zones have radio, and the disk with your favorite music will never let you down!

What to take with you on a train trip?

Train – such a common type of travel, especially in Russia! It is already an adventure in itself. But the train can be boring. Even very much! So take care in advance what you can entertain yourself.

We suggest taking the following things:

  • Documents and money.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Replacement shoes and personal care items.
  • Gadgets.
  • Headphones and music.
  • First aid kit
  • Cards and board games
  • Food and drink.