Thursday, June 13

Safe vacations by the sea

The sea is a very popular tourist destination, especially popular with families with children. Unfortunately, every year there is a series of unfortunate events that we can actually protect ourselves from with a few simple tips. Check how to spend a safe vacation by the sea to protect yourself from both the sun, water and dangers lurking in the direction of thieves?

See the rules of safe vacations by the sea:

Safe journey

A safe vacation by the sea is also a safe trip to the sea. If we decide to travel by car, we should check its technical condition, so that it does not turn out that we will not get to the sea intact and healthy. An important aspect is to check the first aid kit, the validity of the fire extinguisher and take the spare wheel with you.

Before the journey you can also check the road information, as some routes may be undergoing reconstruction or heavily jammed. Finally, it is worth to check the air conditioning – long staying in a hot car when it is hot outside is very bad for your health.


A seaside vacation is invariably associated with two activities – sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Both activities are equally dangerous and you have to prepare for them properly. While staying on the beach, it is necessary to protect your skin with creams with UV filter, which will prevent dangerous sunburn and even skin cancer, which we are exposed to when sunbathing too much.

The cream should be chosen according to the phototype of the skin, because a different protection is needed for people with light skin and blue eyes, and others with olive skin and black hair. It is best to buy a cream with UV filter, which is resistant to water or lubricate the skin after each bath. We should also avoid being in the sun in the afternoon, as this is when we are most at risk of getting burned.

A safe waterfront vacation

The greatest danger is always generated by water, because even a small wave or current can lead to a disaster. First of all, you should swim in guarded places, near the rescue station. Children must not be allowed into the water without adult supervision, as drowning can really happen in fractions of seconds.

In the sea, do not go beyond the areas designated by the buoys and avoid swimming whenever the weather is too bad. Storm, rain or fog are not suitable conditions for swimming as you can easily lose your orientation and move too far away from the shore.

There are no dangerous animals, but on the other hand, entering the water, when our body is warmed up, can threaten with thermal shock! That is why you should first wet your skin and only then immerse your whole body in water.

Attractions by the sea

It should be remembered that a vacation by the sea is also a whole lot of attractions that we can use, from water biking, banana, to paragliding. For safety reasons, when practicing water sports, we should always wear kapok, because we never know when and in what situation we will find ourselves in the water.

We can fall off the boat, banana and lose our orientation. Kapok will save us from falling under the water and drowning. On the other hand, during other activities, you should first of all be sensible and test the efficiency of the equipment or devices used, and provide yourself with a helmet, protectors and other useful accessories that will protect you from more or less serious injuries.

Thief always on standby

We must not forget about the thieves who take their harvest among those who rest by the sea. First of all, we should not leave our things unattended on the beach. We can ask other beachgoers to take care of their things, but we can never have 100% confidence in them.

It is best to take a minimum of things to the beach so that the thief simply has nothing to steal. We can also get special waterproof covers in which we can secure the most important things like wallet, documents or smartphone and have them with us even while swimming.

Reason decides about everything

Safe vacations by the sea are possible, but you should prepare in advance for all possible problems that you may encounter while relaxing in beautiful resorts. Our carelessness does not affect well the planning and anticipation of danger, so let’s try to stick to rigid rules so that we can safely swim in the sea and rest on the beach. Let’s not let ourselves be left in a good mood – if there is a danger, let’s have all the necessary phone numbers at hand.