Monday, July 15

Obtain a travel insurance

When traveling abroad or around the country, you should pay close attention to obtaining travel insurance.

Anything can happen on the way, from sudden illness to bodily injury. Climate change, exotic cuisine, active recreation, and much more may be the reason. Of course, it is impossible to foresee everything. Insurance will be your protection against unforeseen costs.

Let us tell you in detail why travel insurance is needed and how it works. And also what you should pay attention to when taking out a policy.


It is not necessary to consider registration of insurance as a trifling concern for the following reasons:

  • Payment for treatment
    Treatment abroad, consultations and medicines are expensive. Insurance will cover all costs. Without this document you will have to rely only on your own money and strength.
  • Visa registration
    Many countries do not issue visas without an insurance policy. Treatment in Europe is a very expensive pleasure. Therefore, the leadership of these countries wants to make sure in advance that the force majeure circumstances will be paid in any case.
  • Compensation for damages
    With the help of insurance, it is possible to compensate a part of expenses if the luggage is lost or the trip did not take place.


Other travelers do not think too much about the meaning and importance of insurance. Having formed it through a travel agency and not taking into account the meaning of what was written, in the future they receive difficulties and refusals in payments. Experienced tourists advise to buy a policy in insurance companies.

Today such services can be obtained online. It is easier to order an extended policy rather than a standard one online. This type of document allows you to foresee the risks to the maximum: from the loss of suitcases to an accident.

Additional options for the basic set should be included in the policy, focusing on your age, the purpose of travel, the presence or absence of diseases.

Other travelers will need the following recommendations:

  • Ordinary tourists
    For those who are self-confident and go for a short period of time it is enough to get a basic policy. It includes a doctor’s call, outpatient treatment, transportation costs, reimbursement of expenses for medicines, etc.
  • During pregnancy
    Even if a pregnant woman feels great, it is better to include an additional item – “insurance against complications of pregnancy.
  • People with chronic diseases or disabilities
    In this case the person needs to communicate with the agent in person or online.
  • For retired people .
    After 65 years of age, a person falls into the high-risk group. As a result, the higher the age, the higher the cost of insurance.
  • Holidaymakers with children
    You should not save on children. There are special points in the insurance, provided for the case of sunburns or allergies.

Also, when taking out the policy, check if your document number is in the insurance database. If the agent forgot to add it there, the service center will refuse to help you in the future.


In the process of solving insurance cases, three parties act at once:

  • polyclinic
  • insurer
  • assistants

If, however, there is such a situation and abroad you need the help of medics, then you need to call the mediator. The function of assistance is to ensure the personal safety of the tourist. He will explain how to behave in this or that situation. He will choose a suitable clinic, provide all possible assistance and assistance. You should not act on your own. It is better to coordinate all the movements with him, so as not to be denied payments later. The number of the intermediary is in the insurance policy.

In most cases, the insurance company compensates all expenses. Is it done immediately or after the trip? Let us consider both options:

  • Payment at once
    The company sends a letter of guarantee to the hospital. In this case, you do not have to worry. Insurance will cover the expenses for the amount specified in the document.
  • The patient will pay.
    It may happen that the clinic specialists will not want to wait for payment and will only demand cash. Usually this happens in small towns, when there is no other hospital nearby. The company will ask the tourist to pay for the expenses himself, and then will issue a compensation.

In any case, all receipts, diagnoses and recommendations should be kept with you. If this case is recognized as insurance, then the insurance will reimburse all the damage.


Thus, when you go on a journey, you must remember:

  • Insurance will protect you from unexpected expenses and risks in a foreign country.
  • In some countries it is impossible to get a visa without a policy
  • If you take a picture of a document on the phone, its number will always be at hand.
  • Insurance policy will cost much cheaper than treatment and purchase of medicines abroad.