Saturday, July 13

Single Cruises: All you need to know

Are you thinking about the next vacation? The cruise mode is, nowadays, one of the most chosen options thanks to its countless advantages. Among them stands out the tranquility that everything is planned in advance, so there are no unexpected events. In addition, it is the most comfortable way to know several destinations in a single trip, like staying in a hotel that takes you to each destination!

We already know that there are cruises of all types and for all ages, but what happens when you want to travel alone, is a cruise recommended for one person? You can rest assured that the answer is a huge yes. The offer of cruises for singles has not stopped growing in recent years, so you can find many options to travel the world in a boat.

The advantages of doing so are many, so that you can decide and make your best choice, we bring you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about single mode cruises.

What type of cruiser makes a single cruise?

The cruising one that decides on a single cruise is the one that enjoys, in the same measurement, the relaxation and the diversion. Although the most common thing is to see couples with children, increasingly single people are encouraged to the adventure of a cruise.

The range of age, generally, goes between the 30 and the 50 years. Thus, on board you can find from groups of friends, divorced or widowed people and even single parents. As you see the profile of the cruiser is wide and, for this reason, is a good excuse to make new friendships and even discover love.

Tips before booking a cruise for singles

There are fundamental aspects to consider before booking a cruise for singles. Analyzing each one of them in advance will allow you to make the best decision at the moment of making your reservation.

Which cabin to choose

One of the biggest doubts when booking a single cruise is which cabin to choose. The truth is that there are many options and the choice depends mostly on personal taste and how much you want to pay. We can define two types of cabins: shared or individual. The shared cabins will allow you to save money since you will avoid supplements for individual occupation and, at the same time, will lead you to share space with someone you do not know.

To take this in the best way is advisable to consult in travel groups or forums where you can contact other people and agree on the occupation of a cabin on a given cruise. If you travel with friends you will not have to worry, as there are spacious cabins for up to 8 people or more.

If you prefer a single cabin, you can be assured that there are many shipping companies that offer everything from suites to single-passenger cabins. Although it is possible that it is more expensive, the certain thing is that you will be able to enjoy the space to your way and with total tranquillity.

Opting for themed cruises

A good option when planning a trip in single plan is to make a thematic cruise. Thematic cruises are those thought in relation to a particular theme, such as dance, music or sport. In this type of itinerary, specific activities are offered that invite to socialize and allow a better connection with the rest of the passengers.

Are there cruises for singles with children?

Different shipping companies are slowly adding up options for single parent cruises. Thus, if you travel in single plan with children you will be able to find different alternatives that allow you to enjoy exclusive activities for adults at the same time that the children find their own space on board.

Activities on a singles cruise

Do you want to have fun? Do you prefer to relax in front of the sea? Whatever your interest, you can be sure that on a singles cruise you will find what you need. The different shipping companies have a wide range of activities for all tastes. In almost all of them you will find a moment, at the beginning of the trip, created to meet other passengers and socialize.

To the traditional entertainment of the different ships, suitable for all the passengers, there are added activities that are thought for singles. In thematic cruises you can participate, for example, in special workshops and wine tastings. Other activities you’ll find on singles cruises include theater workshops, couples’ games, theme parties and trivia.

What are the best destinations for singles cruises?

Any destination in the world is perfect to meet with family, friends or couples. However, when it comes to taking a trip there are only places that are ideal. Among the most popular for a single cruise are Ibiza, famous for its parties; Greece, where there is never a lack of fun and good times; and the Mediterranean, perfect for lovers of history and good food.

Discover the best cruise for singles and get ready to live a unique experience. You will take the best memories and make friends from all over the world.