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The list of things you plan to take with you on a holiday trip should match your planned activities and the place you are going to. However, there are some universal points you should keep in mind regardless of where and when you are going.

Things you need on vacation

Travel documents Whether you are flying to warm countries, have a pre-paid flight, an all inclusive hotel and plans to relax on the beach in the sun all week long, or you are going for survival in the mountains, you cannot forget your documents: ID card, passport, visa or green card, hotel reservation confirmation, insurance, student or school ID card.

It is always worthwhile to take a small first aid kit with you, including painkillers, food poisoning, lime, plasters and tablets for your travel sickness. When going on vacation you probably want to take a break from constant phone calls and laptops, however, an efficient cell phone with a charger can be very useful for you, if only as a safety precaution to call for help.

Moreover, even if you pay in advance for the whole trip, it is worth having the currency of the country with you – in case of health problems or other unexpected expenses.

Safe in the sun

Warm countries are, of course, associated with the beach, salt water and sea breeze, but the hot madness of the waves can be fatal. Even if you normally have no problems with sunbathing, do not underestimate the southern sun. It is essential to put a cream with a filter and a cooling lotion in your beautician after possible sunburn. Also take with you a hat or hat, sunglasses and a thermal bag that will allow you to store water and drinks without heating them up at high temperatures.

For fans of cooler regions

Shoes to go to the mountains. Summer is sometimes the only time of year when you can go to really cold places on earth. If you are planning a trip a’la survival, start preparing yourself much earlier. Plan your activities well and don’t let the wildlife surprise you. Mountain trips also require special equipment – you will surely need: shoes on a thick sole, waterproofing, a warm jacket, thicker clothes, underwear that avoids the cold after the first climb and a thermos where you can easily transport hot tea with honey and lemon.

Efficient sightseeing

There are people who rest for long hours lying on a sandy beach, there are also those who cover kilometers of mountain trails, but there are also tourists for whom sightseeing is the most fun. Usually they want to visit as many interesting objects as possible in a given place, which often involves the need to plan a trip efficiently.

For such travellers, the “must have” list should be items that make moving around the visited country or city much easier. The necessary items in this case are: comfortable shoes – they often have to endure several kilometers of walking, clothes suitable for the season and weather conditions, a light raincoat.

A map or a working application with navigation on the phone is also very important – it will make it much easier to navigate on foreign streets. A tourist guide will also prove useful, so as not to miss anything interesting, a camera – to capture the moment and handy phrasebooks, as it may turn out.

The list will be different for each tourist and their destination. The best advice for anyone planning a holiday is as follows: do not put off packing at the last minute. Think well about your holiday, plan your activities and prepare the right equipment for them.