Tagaytay Ridge Tour

Here at Manila Tour Package you can experience the most country's popular tourist destinations only at Tagaytay Ridge Tour and feel its frosty climate provided by its high altitude and its wonderful scenery that gives a warm ambiance of the place. Tagaytay overlooks the iconic view of Taal Volcano that is viewable from any vantage part of the city and the marvelous spot of Taal Lake that you will surely be amaze by its exceptional form. Tagaytay Ridge is located 2,250 feet above sea level and it takes 2.5 hours south of Manila to reach its impressive tourist spots.

Bamboo Organ – St. Joseph Church Las Pinas City

Bamboo Organ in St. Joseph Church in Las Pinas, Manila

The Manila tour begins at the one and only pipe organ of the Philippines which is the St. Joseph church that is located in Las Pinas City. It is the first Bamboo organ in the world that is being used by the church daily and providing each visitor an astonishing site to see. This bamboo pipe organ is the only reason why this church is famous around the world.

Fresh fruit and vegetable stands

Buying Fresh Fruit in Tagaytay

If you are looking for a fresh and newly harvest vegetables and fruits, our Tagaytay ridge tour will definitely give you a chance to buy because our next stop is on the different fruits standee and some souvenir crafts which is a Filipino handmade that is only located along the highway.

Palace in the Sky

View from Palace in the Sky of Tagaytay Ridge

Our next destination will be the Palace in the sky. The park has its exquisite vista point of its surroundings. Before, it was a guest house and presidential mansion of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife. Now, it is opened to the public and also known as People's Park in the sky and it is second to the top tourist spots here in Tagaytay. Palace in the sky is one of the best places to take a deep relax while feeling the cool air and the pristine view of the surroundings.

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