Taal Volcano Trek & Day Trip

Taal Volcano Crater Lake

Enjoy the amazing view of the Taal Volcano with this wonderful tour that brings you to its exceptional vantage point for viewing. Taal Volcano is about 50 kiliometers or about 1.5 hours by private car or van from Manila and located in the southern part of Luzon in the Philippines. The highland is well known for having the smallest active volcano in the world, Taal Volcano.

Taal Volcano

You will be surprise because within the Crater Lake, you will see another cinder cone like volcano that is called Vulcan point that is found after its last eruption. From the main jetty port area, you will take in by a motorized boat for about 30 minute ride to reach the Taal Island and to experience its fascinating ambiance. It is a really great idea for all tourists to keep their personal belongings in their bags especially electronics like cameras and cell-phones to prevent them from getting we. During this trip you will be expose to the sun, so it is highly recommended to bring a hat, some sunblock lotion and a change of extra clothes. 

Riding up Taal by horseback

During your trip to the Taal Volcano you will be required to walk over the soft black lava sand, and up to the volcano's rim, for an excellent view of the caldera, this fun and exciting adventurous trek will definitely give you an unforgettable vacation.

Fresh fruit and vegetable stands

Buying Fresh Fruit

Taal Volcano tour will not only give you a chance to experience its different alluring views but also you can purchase some handmade souvenirs and freshly harvest vegetables and fruits. Because our next stop is the store of different variety of fruit standees that is situated along the highway which is all grown and cultivated by our local farmers.

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