Star City Manila Amusement Park

Star City Entrance Sign

The leading amusement park of Manila is Star City which is located in Pasay. It is within the Cultural Center of the Philippines complex or simply just CCP complex. The park is now conveniently open every day. The amusement park is perfect for families and friends who are looking for an awesome bonding time. The budget-friendly amusement park has different varieties of rides that ranges from kiddie to extreme rides. The park is known for their world-class rides that guarantees excitement but is also safe for everyone. The thoughtful management of Star City added a couple of new attractions and rides to meet the demand of their growing number of guests.

It tends to be crowded during peak-season and on holidays. Guests can even visit on rainy days because the amusement park has indoor rides, attractions, and booths. The indoor facility is also fully air-conditioned.

Childrens Play Area

The accessibility of the place is very convenient for tourists who are staying in hotels near or on Roxas Boulevard. Local transportation like the Jeepney and buses pass by this area. If you are looking for a place to go after visiting Star City, Harbor Square is the right place to be. It is a 3-minute walk across from Star City and it offers restaurants and bars. You can also see Manila Bay and the yachts docked in the area. Another nearby place is the SM Mall of Asia. The mall has a vast variety of restaurants and shops.

Games of Chance

Star City's building has colorful structure that not only attracts attention but immediately emanates fun. Star City offers several rides that appeal to both children and adults. The little ones are the first one to jump with joy once they start to enter Star City that is why kiddie rides are the first rides that will be seen.  Little Tyke, Quack Quack, Kiddie Bumper Cars and Magic Tea Cup are just some of the kiddie rides that Star City offers. Family rides like Magic Forest, Dragon Express, Telecombat, Wacky Worm, Red Baron and their famous double-decker carousel, the Grand Carousel, will not disappoint as it offers delightful experience. Of course your amusement park experience would not be complete if you will not go on extreme rides like Surf Dance, Star Flyer, Viking, Star Frisbee and Jungle Splash that will surely give you an adrenaline rush.

Star City has a total of 35,000 square meters of area, and with the impeccable attractions there is no doubt that you will guaranteed an unforgettable and thrilling experience.

Amusement Park Attractions

The Pirate Adventure Water Ride

Pirate Adventure is one of the most recognized attractions in the amusement park. The attraction will not be overlooked as it has a life-size pirate ship outside it. The boat ride which displays moving mechanical Pirates and some replicas of the cannons and ships. Realistic costumes and detailed features of the face really are impressive and wondrous. If you are attentive enough, you will see Captain Jack Sparrow.

Snow World brings you to a different realm where everything is ice cold. The Philippines being a tropical country does not experience the winter season, but thanks to Star City they made an attraction that has natural snow and snow slides which gives guests a chance to literally experience chilling out. Though there are thick jackets provided for guests before entering Snow World, the guests can still bring their own jackets to feel snug.

Gabi ng Lagim or Night of Terror when translated in English. It is a walk-through haunted themed attraction in Star City. You will hear screams and shout of terror even before entering it. The hair on the back of your neck will stand as you feel someone following you. The attraction will give you the fright of your life.

Dungeon is a much horrifying attraction and will definitely make you imagine gruesome things. It is another walk-through attraction that Star City offers. Even on the entrance while you queue you will notice a display of a giant skull in a pillory together with other horrendous things. Definitely a must try attraction.

Kilabot ng Mummy which is translated to Terror of the Mummy. It is a walk-through attraction. The attraction gives the vibe of how it would feel like if you are beside a mummy. The eerie feel of the attraction really adds to its charm. Though it will be a fun experience, it is not advised for the weak hearted.

Fun & Exciting Rides

Red Baron Ride

Quack-Quack is a fun ride for children between the ages of 2 to 5 years. The ride is designed to look like ducks, Donald Duck to be exact. It revolves and simultaneously goes up and down.

Wacky Worm is another kiddie ride but is also for the young at heart adults. A much calmer roller coaster ride that can be enjoyed by children that is too young for extreme roller coasters.

Surf Dance, a famous extreme ride which will toss and tumble you in mid-air. The 44-seater ride will give you mixed emotions of elation and nervousness as it swings violently and will abruptly drop and elevate immediately. It is almost the same height as a 5-storey building.

Viking is categorized as an adult ride but can also ride children with ages 8 and above. A pirate ship inspired ride which can seat at least 50 people. It sways horizontally as if moving in the sea current. The ride starts slow but within minutes is in full swing and you will find yourself holding tight to the safety bars. It is considered as one of the sought after rides in the amusement park.

Star Flyer is the only inverted roller coaster that can be found in the Philippines. The ride takes only 2 minutes but gives the same amount of adrenaline rush just like the other rides in the amusement park. You will definitely ride it again and again and again.

The Dragon Express lets you experience how it would feel like to ride a dragon. The family-oriented ride has Chinese temple displays in the middle that will not only enhance the experience but also make it more realistic.

Grand Carousel it is the first ever double-decker carousel found in the Philippines. The intricate craftsmanship of this carousel is really something that gives visual delight. It can ride at least 70 people. This lively carousel can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Star City also boasts their Giant Wheel, a Ferris wheel with air-conditioned gondolas. For the photography enthusiast this Ferris wheel is a picture perfect sight especially on night time because of its colorful lights that shines brightly and cheerfully.

A friendly reminder when visiting an amusement park: The Park can get crowded during peak-season. So remember to be mindful of your belongings, you have probably heard that a lot but it is a very important reminder that some people tend to overlook. Extra clothes will come in handy as you will sweat or get wet from the rides.

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