Splash Island Laguna

Big Bamboo Water Slide at Splash Island in Laguna

The Splash Island Laguna is located at Binan, Laguna which is about two (2) hours from Manila by private operated van or car. The Splash Island is a great water park for team building, wholesome fun and getaways. There are lines of activities that are perfect for groups and families like paintball, zip line, wall climbing and the thrilling bungee trampoline. What water park would be complete if there aren't any water slides. There are also relaxation spots that Splash Island offers. It's an all-around water park!

Water Wahoo Kids Play Area

A water park isn't complete without exciting slides and pool activities. One of the famous water slide is Magellan's Drop, even though this water slide doesn't have any twists and turns it offers the same excitement like the other slides. The snake like water slide, Rio Montanosa, that uses a raft to ride at least four people is perfect for groups or families that is seriously looking for a more thrilling experience. That are just some of the water slides that Splash Island has to offer.

Jane and River Jordan Swimming at Splash Island

Of course, kids are not left out in the fun. They also have safe but fun slides for the little kiddos like curl of the orient and for dry slides, the Boon Docks. Who said that there aren't any waves in pools? Splash Island has the Agos-Grandes which is machine generated waves that is fun and safe. If you don't want to move around that much and just prefer to go with the flow, there is the Balsa River where you will just ride a raft that carries you along with the current.

Agos Grande Swimming Pool

All those fun will surely make your stomach grumble with hunger but don't fret Splash Island also offer a variety of scrumptious seafoods and meat in their Dampa restaurant located at the Isla Pawikan. The Isla Pawikan which also means island of sea turtles is perfect for idle time and lazing around. And throughout the water park there are colorful displays that are perfect for picture opportunities for kids and adults alike.

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