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Philippines Freelance Photographer Rick Saint JohnWhether it be just a commute to work, a business trip or a family vacation, travel will always be a part of our lives. It teaches us not only to discover and feel a culture other than ours but also to see amazing scenery and events. Of course, traveling would not be complete without taking pictures of candid moments, breathtaking views, stunning skylines and so much more. Combining travel and photography will definitely enhance your travel experience. Join us for an interesting day of travel around the dynamic city of Manila. The city of Manila and the surrounding area has numerous scenic spots where photo enthusiasts will truly appreciate and rave about.

Our Philippines Travel Photography tour starts at the lovely Paco Park, this is an impressive recreational garden filled with lovely old trees, beautiful flowers and plants, as-well-as a very old wall created from large stones, and makes for a fantastic photo background. During the Spanish period Paco Park was the municipal cemetery of Manila. In fact it's here at Paco Park that you will find the grave of the Philippines national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, her was placed here in an unmarked grave after his execution at Luneta Park.

The stroll in the park might be a little eerie but the stone walls and the greenery around gives the place more character. Peculiar photo subjects like tombstones and an old chapel that is circular with a dome top and so much more make this one of best attractions in Manila for wedding photography.

The historical site is abundant with old trees and colorful tropical flowers of many varieties. A perfect photo walk experience where it will not only give you lovely subjects to shoot but to also let you appreciate nature.

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