Marikina Shoe Museum

The Marikina Shoe Museum is located in Marikina City of Metro Manila, which just happens to be the shoe capital of the Philippines. The museum has a vast shoe collection from celebrities up to the most prominent political icons. The museum is dubbed as the shoe box of the Philippines. The museum will broaden your knowledge about the history of Marikina's shoe making industry and how a simple shoe is made. Marikina is the biggest manufacturer of shoes, they produce almost 70% of shoes in the country.

Marakina Shoe Museum Entrance

The Marikina Shoe Museum has the largest collection of shoes in the world. The museum houses different traditional shoes from other countries, also shoes from presidents and ambassadors. The majority of the shoe collection in the museum is that from the notable former first lady Imelda Marcos. Seven hundred sixty five pair of shoes that was contributed by the former first lady.

Imelda Marcos Shoes on Display

Most of the collection is from famous shoe designers like Christian Dior, Chanel, Bruno Magli and so much more. It doesn't stop there, the mini museum has shoes collection of all sizes, shapes, styles and colors. The impressive collection of shoes makes the museum very interesting.

Largest Shoes

The mini museum also has giant shoe cars and even the famous largest pair of shoes that was even recognized by the Guinness World Records. It might be considered as a small museum but it packs a lot of shoe power. This museum is perfect for both shoe addicts and those who are fascinated by the beauty of shoes.

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