Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park is the first in its kind in Manila. As a world-class marine theme park it has first class attractions that can give families and visiting schools a great educational tour that will teach not only kids but adults alike to appreciate marine life.

Sea Lion Show

It is located behind the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta Manila. The popularity of this theme park is not only in the marine theme that it offers but also with their outstanding maintenance of the attractions and amenities that adds a more fulfilling experience. It is an interactive experience that is valuable in the learning process of children.

Aquarium with Clown Fish

The Manila Ocean Park hosts thirteen attractions all of which offers unique and awesome experience. One of its biggest attractions is the Oceanarium which is like walking through the ocean with the sharks and the school of fishes. With 5,000 marine creatures that are indigenous to the Philippines and Southeast Asia it can give you the feeling of being one with ocean and can actually give you an impressive view of a stingray's underside. 

Fish Foot Spa

Another great attraction is the Jellies Exhibit. Jellies for some people might have a negative image but in this exhibit they are shown in a different light. They are majestic creatures that swim gracefully in an aquarium that displays their wonders and translucency.

The first in the country is the Trails to Antarctica: The Penguin Quest. You don't have to go to Antarctica and freeze just to see penguins; you can do it in Manila and just for an affordable price. The coldest place in the world is replicated and builds to let you discover in the Penguin Exhibit what it is like in the frozen continent and how Humbold Penguins live. It also has a slide O' fun and experience what it is like to have winter season at Snow Village.

Philippines Crocodiles

Ever wonder what it would be like if you swim with the sharks? Sharks and Rays Encounter will give you the opportunity to swim and the possibility to touch friendly sharks and stingrays. The thrill of actually going beyond the aquarium glass brings a certain excitement that only this encounter will provide. This attraction will give you the intimate and closest proximity that can only be possible in this controlled environment. The attraction offers Aquanat, Dry Encounter, Half-body and Full-body encounter.

For a drier experience, the Glass Bottom Boat Ride is perfect for families and small groups who wish to see more closely underwater but doesn't want to get wet. The glass bottom boat ride is famous in beaches for exploring the depths of the ocean but in the safety of a boat. The idea was brought indoors and is enjoyed by families and school groups.

The theme park also has a spa, believe it or not. The Fish Spa has doctor fishes that nibble on the dead skin cells that are present in your feet. This experience will surely make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Back of the House is one of Manila Ocean Park's unique attractions which allow deep understanding on how Manila Ocean Park takes care of our marine friends and how it is a scientifically related attraction that is perfect for school tours and for those who want to gain much more knowledge in marine science.

The Manila Ocean Park does not only center in the marine life but also with our friends in the sky. The Birds of Prey Kingdom is one of their newest attractions that promote the appreciation of the Brahminy Kites (Haliastur Indus) or also known as Lawin in Tagalog.

If you are looking for an arcade experience, Manila Ocean Park presents the Funtasea games and rides. The games and rides center is equipped with entertaining laser bumper cars, sea-themed carousel, and adventure arcade games.

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