Hidden Valley Springs

Relax and enjoy in an amazing visit to Hidden Valley Springs located in Laguna, which is about 2.5 hours drive from Manila using a private van or car. Once you arrive here at the Hidden Valley Springs you will find a beautiful private compound that is 110 hectares filled with both wildlife and natural wonders, like the 300 foot long crater that was created by a meteorite in 1972, and at the far end you can now enjoy a fantastic waterfall. Around this giant crater you will find lush tropical vegetation along with huge trees, many of which are hundreds of years old.

Hidden Valley Springs Crater & Waterfall

Nearby there is an awesome exclusive resort that has a fascinating natural forest with "Century Old Trees" and "Wild Orchids" flourishing on them. You can see also several natural waterfalls and water springs which is a secret within the beautiful forest.

Century Old Trees:

Century Old Trees at Hidden Valley Springs

It can be seen at the natural botanical garden that makes the place so relaxing and very soothing for nature lovers and will absolutely enjoys this valley.

Wild Tropical Flowers:

Wild Tropical Flowers

"Wild Orchid" has an attractive with a white, red, and purple with a size of 6-8" flower and has good as black eye. The amazing hibiscus flower is known as Gumamela in the Philippines, it has a very charming, spotted glance of a wild orchid. This spot is absolutely alluring; a perfect place for nature lovers. It is situated between the mountains of "Makiling" and "Banahaw" that's why they call it "Enchanted Hidden Valley" and have been the essential of folklore and local myths for so many years.

Naturally Heated Volcanic Water Pools:

Natural Soda Pools & Waterfalls

The best spot about this Enchanted Hidden Valley is the "Naturally Heated Volcanic Water Pools" that has plenty of natural minerals and offering a body relaxing and refreshing break away from the city that full of stress. Have a great time!

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