Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park Laguna

Enchanted Kingdom owning the title of being the only world-class theme-park in the Philippines, is located in the province of Santa Rosa, Laguna, just a 1.5 hour drive by private care or van from Manila Philippines. Also known as the "Disneyland" of the Philippines, it boasts first-class rides that is unique in the country. The theme-park has 7 park zones that each have their fascinating themes. It is perfect for a fun filled family bonding. The world of make believe is brought to life with their enchanting rides and attractions. The spectacular theme-park provides the assurance of alleviating everyday life worries and giving young children the experience of their life.

Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park

Enchanted Kingdom with their extreme, jaw-dropping and stomach wrenching rides will definitely give guests with the most unforgettable crazy experience that a theme-park has to offer. The entrance to the park which has a resemblance to the famous Disneyland and with some park zones modeled after Universal Studios gives the impression of being in a different magical dimension.

Rio-Grande Rapids Water Park

The spell binding theme-park can also accommodate birthdays, corporate gatherings, weddings and other events that will be held in the Eldar's Tent which is a 600-seater events area or in their newly launched Enchanting Events Place with the capacity of 2,000. It is an all-around park that has thrilling rides for young adults, safe play areas for children, restaurants or food stands for the hungry thrill seekers, the 4D Discovery Theater that changes shows every season, one of a kind merchandise store and so much more.

Rialto Movie Theater at Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom, being the most magical place in the Philippines, has 7 captivating well thought out park zones. Right from the entrance you will immediately be greeted by their entertainers in full Queen Victoria era inspired costumes and their main mascot, Wizard Eldar. Prepare yourself as you see the dazzling Grand Carousel, best viewed during night time, at the Victoria Park.

Grand Carousel

As you continue your stroll in the park, you will be wandering to another park zone which might lead you to Midway Boardwalk. This carefree Coney Island inspired park zone has fun and colorful rides that will be enjoyed by both young children and the young at heart. The EKstreme Tower Ride is also located in this park zone. The electrifying ride which will bring you up to 120 feet and drop you with the speed of 47mph before stopping with the use of a magnetic braking area will definitely be the best free fall experience. Another most anticipated ride in the theme-park is the Anchors Away that swings back and forth until the maximum angle of 70 degrees.

Midway Games

Wandering more to the depth of the theme-park will bring you to the exotic world of the Jungle Outpost. The famous Jungle Log Jam that has a log boat that accommodates at least three people which will drop from a steep slide. It will surely soak not only your hair but your entire shirt. The lazy afternoon in the Jungle Outpost will be perfectly spent in the Swan Lake where you will ride a swan boat. Watch out for amazing performances from the tribal dancers and fire-eaters.

Jungle Outpost

The space fanatics will not be forgotten as the theme-park also has a park zone for them. The Spaceport is inspired after the 1960's American space exploration program. Take flight in the country's only triple loop coaster, the Space Shuttle. This 11-storey high roller coaster will take your breath away as you zoom forward to the highest point and backward to the starting point. The scare rate is definitely a 10.

The cobblestone street, slapstick comedies and silent movie theater reminiscent of Brooklyn's bygone years. The Brooklyn Place will take you back in time and let you experience not only sight but both sound and movement inside the famous Rialto. Discover the beauty of Enchanted Kingdom in the 36 gondola Ferris Wheel called the Wheel of Fate.

Wheel of Fate

The colorful and exciting vibe of the Caribbean atmosphere is brought to life in the Portabello zone. The Caribbean inspired park zone has pirates roaming around the area. A number of famous rides can be found in this park zone like the Flying Fiesta, a swing ride that will rotate gradually and another famous ride is the Rio Grande that gives the illusion of being in the raging rapids. This wet-and-wild adventure ride will keep you laughing and screaming from excitement.

Go back to the Age of Dinosaur in the Boulderville. This park zone is designed to stimulate every child's imagination. The colorful and cartoon like park zone is designed for children to learn and experience fun rides. Around the park zone are Dinosaur mascots and random puppet shows that will surely entertain children of all ages.

Jane & Rainstorm on the Tea Cup Ride

The Enchanted Kingdom has a lot to offer, the moment you think that you explored all of it, it will give you another amazing discovery. Whether it be a delicious food stand or a dreamy performance from the entertainers, the park will surely give you the best magical experience.

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