Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez Rizal

The Avilon Zoo is ideally situated in Rodriguez Rizal, Philippines. The (AWCF) Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation operates both Avilon Zoo and the Ark Avilon Zoo which is located in Ortigas Pasig, Metro Manila Philippines. The zoo has a 7.5 hectare area that 3,000 species of exotic animals that ranges from birds, amphibians, mammals, freshwater fish and reptiles.

The zoo also has a vast diversity of plants that are endemic to Philippines. The zoo also successfully bred a Gray's Monitor Lizard or which is also known as Butaan in captivity. This success was featured and documented in Animal Planet's "Butaan: The Lost Dragon."

Toucan Bird

Avilon Zoo is another medium for students and professionals to have educational tours which will promote knowledge about wildlife and how to conserve it. The threat of climate change not only affects us humans but also our friends in the wild. The environment is an essential part of our world and through this experience the children, which is the hope of the next generation, will learn how to preserve some endangered species.

The zoo is not only showcase animals but also lets you interact with some of the animals. The feeding area is a fun way to feed animals like water fowls, wild horses, giant tortoises, and dears. A zoo wouldn't be complete if there isn't any photo opportunity with the animals in the zoo, there are animals which are trained to be humans and can be in the same picture with you.

Philippines Brown Deer

The Avilon Zoo is one of the best zoos in the Philippines. The outstanding perseverance to promote the conservation of wildlife strongly reflects in the maintenance and the exciting exhibits that the zoo offers. It is well suited for educational trips and team buildings.

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