Ark Avilon Zoo in Manila

The Ark Avilon Zoo is located in Frontera Verde at Ortigas in Pasig City of Metro Manila Philippines. It is an indoor zoo in the Philippines and it looks like Noah's Ark thus the name "Ark" Avilon Zoo. It does not only impart knowledge about wildlife conservation and wildlife handling but also in the biblical sense because of the incorporation of Noah's Ark. The zoo might be half the size of its sister zoo the Avilon Zoo in Rizal, but it still offers fun interactive experience that is worth visiting, especially for children.

The Cool Mini Zoo

ARK Avilon Zoo in Manila

The mini zoo offers a fun interaction with the animals through feeding, touching and taking pictures with them. The zoo also hosts parties and shows that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

A Variety of Animals

Animal Feeding Station

Ark Avilon Zoo hosts different events such as birthdays, field trips, or recreation trips. The zoo exudes a lively environment and houses a diversity of species. The fact that the zoo is based indoor you can still visit during rainy days and not having to worry about getting wet. The zoo even gives environment awareness for children to learn how to properly take care of their surroundings and the eco-system.

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