Learn Pizza Making at Pizza Freaks with our 3 Day Pizza Making Course


Hello Everyone!

Rick St. John here with Pizza Freaks, and today I will certainly talk to you about our 3 Day, one-on-one Pizza Making course created to help you produce great tasting and also incredible looking pizza.

Our 3 Day, program starts with teaching your regarding the different flour types used to create various types of pizza, like Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and also Roman design pizza.

On your initial day we will certainly provide you handouts that explain the mathematics behind producing the best size dough sphere making use of Pi x R made even as our formula to discovering the surface of your pizza, for 10", 12", 14", 16", and 18" sizes.

We will start blending dough on our first day, showing your the proper quantities of flour, water, yeast and also salt proportions, and also the correct time required for dough to increase, and the proper growing old of dough, 24, 36 and 48 hours in addition to ways to keep the dough balls.

You will be offered handouts that describe the best ways to cover a pizza using the appropriate sections, to make sure that you could optimize expense without loosing taste. This handout covers pizza dimensions from 6" to 18" as well as consists of half as well as full pan as-well.

We will also discuss as well as offer handouts on Safe Food Handling as well as the benefits of making use of totally cooked meats over using raw meat.

On the 2nd day we will focus on producing dough rounds, and also how to produce them to ensure that when you stretch them out they will certainly not tear. Extending our your dough right into the appropriate size is a little bit tricky, as well as could take a full day or longer to get the basic feeling for it.

We will certainly advise you on how you can create whatever pizza design your favor, Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and also Roman styles.

Since our Pizza Making training course is individually, you will certainly not have to worry about being distracted by various other pupils, we educate you on your times-pan, so if you have a slower knowing contour, this is ok, we take whatever time you require, to ensure that you will find out.

So whether you are a person just passionate about discover how you can develop fantastic sampling and also awesome looking pizza or fairly perhaps you are preparing to open your personal pizza dining establishment, after that this program provided by Pizza Freaks is a must.

Unlock to your pizza restaurant with confidence, recognizing from the first day, you are currently developing superb sampling pizza that will have your customers raving, and also guaranteeing ahead back.

3 Day Pizza Making Course in the Philippines