Boracay Go, A Fun Song

Boracay Go Music CD

If you are looking for the very best vacation destination in the Philippines, or for that matter all of Asia, then I can highly recommend Boracay Island, which is part of Malay, Aklan Province. Boracay is a small tropical island that is shaped like a small bone, and sits in the south China sea in the western Visayas region of the Philippines 1,107 islands.

What makes Boracay so special? Well it's the main Boracay Beach that stretches out 2.5 miles along the western shore, covered in absolute powder soft white sand that feels just incredible on a persons bare feet. Boracay is also surrounded by crystal clear waters that are warmed by the golden rays of the sun.

BORACAY GO, Just a Really Fun Song!

With all of Boracay's beauty it's no wonder that people love to write songs about this fantastic island destination here in the Philippines that warmly caters to over 1.5 million tourist of all nationalities each year. Yes, people come from all over the globe just to walk upon the soft white sandy shores of Boracay beach, tourist from Russia, China, America, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, Britain, the United Arab Emirates and so many other countries.

Boracay Go, was written and recorded by Ricky Lee Saint John, an American from Raleigh North Carolina, who currently lives and works in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, Metro Manila. Rick is married to Mary Jane Bangga, a Filipina from Aklan Province, where Boracay is located, and together Rick and Jane own and manage one of the Philippines most popular and trusted travel and tour companies, WOW Philippines Travel Agency, in business since 2005.


The song Boracay Go was written in a way that would hopefully convey to the general public what Boracay is to me and to millions of other people, which is that Boracay is an island of sand and sun, and it's a place where friends go, just to have some fun, it's only here that you can enjoy attractions and activities like long white beaches, girls in bikinis, golden sunsets and ice cold beer. Boracay is the choice vacation destination for millions of fun loving free spirits who choose to enjoy life just a little bit more, a few days a year on a white beach that is just awesome, so as the song says, Boracay, vacation here.

Once you have vacationed on Boracay Island and you have experience Boracay beach and it's other beach, Bulabog Beach which is primarily for both kite boarding and windsurfing enthusiast, you will want to make this your island a regular vacation spot, and I think the song brings that out.

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